A culinary experience which flames the spirits

To visit Lady Suzette is to enter an immersive world, where creativity and daring are the key words. Our restaurant is a constantly evolving human adventure, in which a team with limitless imagination invites each customer to immerse themselves, for the pleasure of their taste buds and their minds. The restaurant menu, unique in the world, rethinks the pancake with this inventiveness without borders.

Expression of a desire to innovate, to anticipate and to positively impact the world of tomorrow, the Steampunk decor of the place makes Lady Suzette an address that will not be forgotten. Thus, Lady Suzette inspires and invites dreams, always with a slight touch of mystery and elegance.

Typewriter animation

The world of reality has its limits;
The world of imagination is Boundless

Jean JacqUes Rousseau

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Our steam powered website can now take reservations.


This exciting alternative crepe restaurant, literally takes you to new culinary levels, steaming most of our dishes for extra freshness and flavours.

special thanks from Lady Suzette


Georges Ayusawa

Georges Ayusawa is an artist based in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. His original and ultra-creative work, inspired by masters such as Alfons Mucha and Klimt, consists of finding and recycling old objects, diverting them away from their primary functions and assigning new ones to them. Under the magic of his hands, a lawn mower, found at a jumble sale or salvaged from a rubbish tip, may, for example, be turned into a spaceship. Lady Suzette’s Steampunk world has given him a great opportunity to create beautiful and amazing


Eric Vermeil

Eric Vermeil world-renowned visual artist from Paris whose works have been exhibited in France and abroad on numerous occasions. He is also a stage, advertising and cinema decorator. Throughout his forty-year career, , several productions in which he participated have won awards. He helped to magnify the décor and atmosphere of Lady Suzette as a consultant and painter decorator.


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